First Steps for New Members

This is the page where we will post instructions for first time users of our Community website. It will include a series of tips on how to set up their own profile page and make connections with other members of our community. It is important with Our Community Network to spend a few minutes setting up your personal profile page properly. To see your current profile page, first log in and then click on View My Profile.

To edit your profile, click on Edit My Profile. These two links will appear only after you have logged in. After clicking on Edit My Profile, fill out as many fields as possible. In particular, select a canvas image that matches your profile image that you like. Then click Save. To view your new profile, click on View My Profile in the side menu.

In later articles, we will explain how to add text, articles, images, links and videos to your profile page as well as how to make Connections with other team members. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in our community forum which you can reach by clicking on the right side menu. To log out, and return to our Home page, click the log out button in the side menu. your social media marketing partner